UNRELEASED UE5 GAME | Cryptic Studios, Senior UI/UX
This unreleased, anounnounced project built in Unreal Engine 5 was a genre-blending 3D action game for PC and console. I came on board the project as its primary UI/UX Designer after a dramatic shift in the overall art style, which gave me an opporunity to develop a brand new UI style from the ground up. Our team created a fully playable vertical slice in the span of 10 months to showcase the game's appeal and potential. Once the new style was set, I was joined by another UI/UX Designer. Many of the game's features are collaborative efforts between the two of us.

STAR TREK ONLINE | Cryptic Studios, Senior UI/UX
I worked on the MMORPG Star Trek Online at Cryptic, creating new features, updating existing ones, and creating hundreds of icons and dozens of banners for the game. The game has been live since 2010 and features both established Star Trek TV series characters, ships and environments, and its own original content.

THE SIMS MOBILE | EA/Maxis, UI Designer
I created feature UI and icons for The Sims Mobile at the Maxis studio within EA for the duration of a six month contract. My work included the brand new "LlamaZoom" feature, improved UI for What's New messaging and Special Events, and icon content for several events themselves.

I developed UI/UX for the entirety of Battle Pirates HQ, a mobile companion app for the browser game Battle Pirates, designed to allow players a streamlined experience on the go.

I also created a complete UX wireframe prototype before skinning with the final UI pictured above. Below are some sample wireframes.

I created many motion graphics concepts during the development of Battle Pirates HQ. These concepts were then implemented in Unity by both myself and the engineering team. (Fullscreen view is recommended.)

Transition between the fleet overview screen and viewing info + options for a selected fleet.

Notification load-in / highlight. A new notification is loaded onto the main screen as an action-item for the player.

HUD Category Selection. This shows two methods of navigation for the player between the game's main screens: scroll to next and tapping each of the buttons in the lower HUD.

Worked on UI/UX for the browser-based real-time strategy game Battle Pirates, joining the team in mid-2016 and maintaining UI feature development until early 2018.

WAR DRAGONS | Pocket Gems, Senior UI/UX, Lead UI/UX
I joined War Dragons at Pocket Gems in June 2014, taking over as Lead UI/UX in December 2014 through to the game's release in April 2015. The style was set by the previous lead UI artist. I made various UX improvements to the game, created new UI for integral features, and trained three additional UI team members to support the game leading up to launch.

During development on War Dragons, the UI team also made concepts for proposed UI style update and UX improvements. Below are some of the concepts I created for this effort.

IN SPACE | Aki, UI Artist + 3D Artist
A 3D space arena shooter with configurable player ships. An ongoing project since 2011, currently in open Beta for PC, Mac and Linux. You can download and play In Space here. (NOTE: UI in beta release is currently temp. We are working hard to get my latest concepts implemented!)

HISTORICAL-THEMED UI HUD | Independent Project
Conceptual UI for a theoretical turn-based strategy game, inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization series, with a focus on a classical Roman theme.

FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER UI | Independent Project
Conceptual UI for a theoretical first-person shoooter game, heavily inspired by classic titles such as Half-Life 2 and Unreal Tournament.

I worked on Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff from September 2013 until its lauch in April 2014, alongside three other UI artists. I primarily handled technical UI/UX for this project, as well as designing several features and doing a color pass and style update on the main HUD. This game won the 2014 Mobile Excellence Award for Best Mobile Game.

I led UI development for this game from April - September, 2013. Players use a combination of RPG and puzzle mechanics to recruit party members and battle enemies in a pastoral fantasy world. I led design on all final UI for this project after the intial concept pass had been completed by another artist.

A VIRUS NAMED TOM | Misfits Attic, 2D Artist + Concept Artist
A Virus Named Tom is a multiplayer co-operative puzzle game for XBLA and Steam. I worked on the game as a freelance contractor, creating concept artwork for characters, enemies, and UI. Most notably, I worked with the lead artist to define the final style of the main puzzle board.
AVNT is available in the Steam store as of June 2012, and was added to Humble Indie Bundle 9 for purchases over the average price, alongside Bastion, Limbo and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.

TINY CASTLE | TinyCo, Senior UI/UX
I worked on Tiny Castle from October 2012 - April 2013, joining one month before launch to assist with technical UI, and taking over the project as lead shortly after it went live. The game centers around breeding and caring for exotic creatures in a storybook fantasy setting. I designed several features and over 60 icons for the game in total.

I worked on Super Slots from January - March 2012 during the initial UX concept pass, and was brought back on from July - October 2012 to oversee the game's launch and live content. The game combines simulated slots reels with an adventure theme.