game demos | jams and other playable things
From time to time, I make small playable games during game jam sessions. The following games are made either alone or with programmer Nicolas Kent.

[ Assault Dragon - 2013 ]
Created for SF Indie Game Jam 2013 with Nic over the course of a weekend. A sort of flight sim where you control a sky dragon who casually tosses airplanes at other airplanes.

Click to play!
(Requires Unity plugin.)
[ Paper Gull Shooter - 2011 ]
Made solo in Unity 3D. I struggled with C# a little, but it came together in the end.
Inspired by seagulls flocking outside my apartment window.

Click to play!
(Requires Unity plugin.)
[ Lunchtime for Nessie - 2009 ]
Quickfire challenge game complete tag-team style with Nic. (I art, then he codes, rinse & repeat.) The goal was to remake "Snake" with sea monsters and ships. The whole game took 7.5 hours combined to make - 2 hours of art, 5 of code, and 30 minutes for sounds.

Download Nessie V3!
(sorry - PC only)
[ Claustrophobia - 2009 ]
Another quickfire challenge for Nic and I. This time we gave ourselves an abstract prompt - "claustrophobia". We wanted to create a small-scale game that could instill fear in the player, using a simple premise and simple graphics.

The art for this game took 1.5 hours. With code and sound included, the whole project took thirteen hours.

Download Claustrophobia!
(sorry - PC only)