game demos | jams and other playable things
From time to time, I make small playable games during game jam sessions. The following games are made in groups of 2-6 people.

[ Echo Frog ]
Created at Global Game Jam 2018 at Facebook HQ. A game where you control a young girl exploring outdoors who can pick up and place mysterious frogs that echo music.

I created all art for this game during the weekend-long jam.
Code by Jade Elaine & Music by Francis Lee

Click to play!
(Requires Unity plugin.)
[ Crowd Wave ]
Created at Global Game Jam 2017 at Facebook HQ. A game where you play as a mascot whose role is to amp up the crowd in a stadium so that they are ready to stand and do The Wave.

I created all UI/UX and some art for this game.
Code by Jade Elaine, Music by Francis Lee, Art Direction by Shiu Pei Luu, Production by Oscar Espinosa, Art by Chauncey Bateman and Christina Blanca

Click to download .zip (Windows + Mac builds)